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Kelly came up with this play in when she got out of jail and had settled her debts with MGM. For the play to work, they have to convince the casino to grant them a series of requests, in order, and to the T. And not just any advantage player.

Is it going to be a low card. The casino says sure, why not… They play a few more rounds, and then Phil makes another request.

It is yelling it is screaming. MGM put me in the jail, but nobody know three weeks in the jail, how do you feeling? They were both wearing very comfortable clothing. It looks like the kind of place where people either get rich or get murdered.

Half a million here, eight hundred thousand there. How do you get out of there? Advantage play is doing something in the casino where you actually have an advantage.

And the question is well what do you do in that circumstance. Surveillance cameras track them from the moment they step through the doors.

Not every casino dealer can understand my requests. They just need one more thing. And to play big, she needed one more thing, a whale: It was a brilliant thing to come up with.

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You make no decisions. Right away I can tell you this card is an eight or nine, right? A whale is a giant gambler. Once Phil and I played for two days non stop at Borgata.

When she landed, she could barely speak English. Years before she was the mastermind of a high end casino heist, Kelly was a nobody, wandering the casino floor, looking for a lucky break.

But nobody had ever seen it applied like this before. They are there to pull off an advantage play. And MGM came knocking. But he did talk to 60 Minutes Sports. But today he is with Kelly. I thought it was because he was a professional. Those are the most important cards. They go hit these casinos, win a ton of money.

Same game, same cards, same dealer. And then Eddie said, you want to make big money? But if you pick it up along one of the long sides and flip it over then that changes the designs that are on the back of the two cards so that those edges are now along in the other orientation from what they previously were.

Phil and Kelly show up at 3 p. Like you might imagine James Bond wearing a tuxedo to a place like that and that be exactly right.

When she got out of jail, Kelly was pissed. You must be lucky. Tell them about your story a little bit fill in a back story. And the non valuable cards, are all oriented with their edge asymmetries pointing the other way.

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JODY AVIRGAN: From ESPN Films, you’re listening to 30 for 30 Podcasts, Presented by the Mini Countryman. Today, A Queen of Sorts. Intwo casinos accused Phil Ivey, one of the best poker players in the world, of cheating them out of $20 million.

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Casual dating podcast
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