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Ashley was so upset by the collusion that she accepted a position with House of Kim in Hong Kong and took her daughter, Abby, with her.

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Sharon and Brad Carlton were on a business trip in New York and grew very close. Abby reacted badly and called off the wedding. Recent Developments After the investigation, Nick and Phyllis rekindled. Ashley returned to New York City, tasking a reluctant Abby with bringing Ben up to speed on the cosmetics industry.

Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous. While Chloe went to call the police, Abby took her place in the trunk. Also in labor in the same mental hospital was Ashley Abbott.

Later that night, police broke the news to Summer that they had found Austin dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car, and Summer identified the body in the morgue.

Jack, who was legally unable to own Jabot, made an offer through a company called House of Kim, which Katherine accepted.

Jack and Victor drew up an agreement to dissolve the merger of Newman and Jabot. Abby later went to see Mariah, but she had already checked out.

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Phyllis then found out he kidnapped Sharon and Nick's daughter, Faith Newman. Ben finally admitted to Abby that he and Ashley had exchanged I love you's during the fire, but did not mean it. A note in her hand said, "I warned you.

Victor decided to send Adam to a half-way house for the blind to make it less stressful for Ashley, but that was dropped after Adam made himself look like a hero chasing Mary Jane off the property, his ankle monitor causing the police to arrive.

They planted drugs in Tom's motorcycle saddle bags, and arranged for him to be caught. Abby looked terrified, but Zack assured her he would never hurt her.

Nick grew up with his mother and stepfather, Jack Abbott. Mariah suddenly remembered seeing Austin and Abby kissing earlier. Jack and Billy protested, then Jack reconsidered and agreed because Victor had basically saved his life.

After a fight with Sharon that leaves her injuried, Phyllis nevers gets her chance to tell Nick. Daniel covered her up and pulled her out, Ashley told her she was ashamed of her, and Kay tossed her off the estate. Storm realized what Ridge had done and immediately his own paranoia came to the forefront.

Diane explained that Victor had hired her to work on a project to be built in Osaka and to renovate the east wing of the ranch. Ashley decided not to return to Jabot, but to concentrate on her daughters instead. What she didn't know was that he was Gloria's ex-husband, and Kevin's abusive father, "Terrible" Tom Fisher.

Abby expected to get her inheritances from Brad, Colleen, and Victor to finance it, but Ashley and Victor refused. Neil broadcasted his eulogy to Lily who was restricted to home due to her low immunity level.

Victoria and Nick were in the middle with their parents on opposite sides. When Sharon was pregnant, she was all doped up and it was all a blur. Victor threatened the detective to take no further action, and confronted Diane, calling her a slut and telling her that there would be an annulment with no big settlement.

Mariah tried to tell Sharon she met a guy at work, but Sharon saw through her lie. They clashed immediately, although in time they began working together well. Cassie did not know how to drive.

Under Ravi's advice, Ashley tried letting go of the past, killing Dina with kindness, inviting her to dinner at Abbott Manor. To make matters worse, Jack financed it using a loan from Victor Newman.

So Ashley decided not to return to Jabot, but to stay home to look after both her daughters. It was too late. Shortly after his proposal Ridge realized he was still in love with Brooke and broke the engagement.

The cause of death was a bit suspicious, but the husband was paid off by Jabot to avoid a lawsuit. Both guys refuse to believe it.

Once Ashley was finally convinced that Victor was behind Patty's reign of terror, resulting in his own granddaughter Summer being hurt, his dog Zapato being killed, Patty's fragile mental state being worsened, and her own torment by Patty, she packed to leave and wrote Victor a goodbye note.A profile of The Young and the Restless character, Abby Newman, part of's Who's Who in Genoa City section.

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Traci bingham dating a girl
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